Goodbye Questions for the 2014…

Yes, it is that time of the year for lists… Bidding goodbye to 2014 with 21 most frequently asked questions that best summarises the year in my neck of the woods.

Are you a photographer or an artist?
Should I even make a photobook?
What paper, gsm and binding?
Should cameras be cheaper?
Should birds of a feather flock together or should we go run with them hounds?
Are you making too much work – overproducing?
Is #Everyday #Everywhere a little too #Everything now?
Are Street Photographers repeating, I repeat, repeating themselves?
How many “Lessons (Insert Master Name) Can Teach You” articles can you read before you become a Master yourself?
Is it better to be international or local?
What was this year’s trend and what will be the next?
Is the Decisive Moment a Fossil Concept?
Should I participate in this photo festival or the other?
Should language be a barrier still?
And yet again, what is truth?
What do your beliefs in life? Does your work reflect that?
Why are you doing what it is you are doing?
Money or Love?
What are you really saying with your #SG50 Project?
Are many small steps better than one big leap?
What are you going to do different next year?

Hello 2015, let’s not be too sheepish shall we…

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