Influences and Inspirations.

I have been asked many times what my influences are or whose work I admire. There are a lot, but the following list is a good start. Not all photography, of course.

Yugo Nakamura | Japanese web designer extraordinaire – when mathematics, code and art collide.  

David Lynch | Master Surrealist Film-maker. The World of Twin Peaks.

Lu Nan | China’s elusive documentary photographer.

Bruce Lee | The man, the art, the philosophy and the legacy.

Wisit Sasanatieng | Thai ‘new wave’ filmmaker I almost made a film with. His film Tears of the Black Tiger was the first Thai film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. See also Citizen Dog.

Salvador Dali | The man who introduced me to the world of surrealism.

Park Chan Wook | Korean Filmmaker and his Vengeance Trilogy. That one-take fight scene (below) in Old Boy is a masterpiece alone.

Akira Kurosawa | A Japanese Legend. See this

Wong Kar Wai | Hong Kong Filmmaker. Almost everyone in Asia has been romanced by Wong and his color and mood at some point.

Shomei Tomatsu | The late great Japanese Photographer.

Masahisa Fukase | Japanese Photographer. For his tragic poetry.

Lu Chuan | China’s new voice in Films. See The Missing Gun, Kekexili and City of Life and Death (a B/W film about the Rape of Nanking. Trailer below)

Zhang Yimou | China Filmmaker for his earlier films. 

Joshua Oppenheimer | Filmmaker. For his macabre masterpiece Jagal / The Act of Killing.

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