Poon’s Fragrant Chilli Crisp Sauce

In my first crowdfunding efforts for my upcoming photobook and cookbook publication, I am making my Fragrant Chilli Crisp Sauce available for order (Singapore only for now). Originally blended and homemade in Singapore, proceeds go towards the book design, production and printing. The sauce (#PoonsChilliSauce), named after my father and his restaurant, has a nice kick and can be eaten with anything and everything from rice, noodles, dumplings and main dishes. They can also be used as a spicy seasoning for cooking. Ingredients include various chillies, Sichuan peppercorn. spices, peanut oil, vinegar, sesame, ve-tsin, soya sauce, sugar and salt. 

For now, I can only blend and make these in small batches. Available at SGD$15 for a jar of approx. 120gms. They are proving to be very popular with friends and family so stocks are limited and go fast.

Drop me a message to order and reserve. A hundred thanks in advance for your support. 

To find out more about my project, visit: http://www.kevinwylee.com/100recipes

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