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  1. Singapore with the Xperia XZ: Collab with Sony Mobile

    A collaboration with Sony Mobile Singapore for the launch of their new flagship Xperia XZ phone. I was approached by the folks at Sony Mobile with a challenge: Capture the streets of Singapore with their new mobile phone in 5 days. I accepted, despite never having used an Android before. …

  2. A Short Curatorial Note: We Are Farmers Exhibition, by Ore Huiying

    I was invited by Singapore Photographer Ore Huiying to curate her first solo exhibition “We Are Farmers” currently showing at Objectifs. I was surprised at first, but accepted as I have known Huiying for a while and familiar with her work. She had shown me her early black and white…

  3. [WIP] The Last Clanhouse of Ann Siang

    Ann Siang Hill, a trendy hill spot in Singapore, was once the traditional home of clan associations and social clubs. Now all but one remains. 25 Ann Siang Road has been home to Keong Wai Siew Li Si She Shut since 1954, after the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Keong Wai…

  4. Contact Sheet #1 : Sentosa Island Rock

    One of my contact sheets I share in some of my workshops and presentations. This particular photograph was taken in Sentosa Island, Singapore. Photographs © Kevin WY Lee.

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