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  1. Recent Portrait Commission

    Samples from a recent Portrait Commission with a wonderful client.

  2. [WIP] The Last Clanhouse of Ann Siang

    Ann Siang Hill, a trendy hill spot in Singapore, was once the traditional home of clan associations and social clubs. Now all but one remains. 25 Ann Siang Road has been home to Keong Wai Siew Li Si She Shut since 1954, after the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Keong Wai…

  3. Portraits: Society of Creative Anachronism, Bangkok. 2013.

    So 4ormat finally has a blog feature. I will use it as a Scrapbook of sorts, of random images and text. The first page… a series of portraits of folks I chanced upon on the streets of Bangkok, from the Society of Creative Anachronism. Year - 2013 An interesting description…

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